Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Back at it

I feel like every time I start a blog post these days it includes some note about how negligent I've been.  And it's true! Poor April didn't even get an update.  But I recently read some old posts I wrote on a previous blog, and while they were short, it was so nice to be able to peek back at those times in my life.  So I'm really going to try to drop in more, but perhaps at the expense of long posts and pretty pictures.  Let's see how it goes- let me know what you think.

So short life-update: my marathon training was going really well until I ran back to back races at the Hot Chocolate run (San Diego) and the Rock 'n' Roll half marathon in San Francisco.  The RnR course was brutal and combined with the super hilly Hot Chocolate run, I did something weird to my leg.  So I ran for the first time in a month on Saturday but found I was still hurting the next day.  I can confidently say I won't be running the marathon, but I'm hoping to run or walk/run the half still.  We shall see.

After the Hot Chocolate Run with my coworker/friend Christine.

I've been cooking up a storm!  I made my own lavender sugar the other day and berry scones to go with it.  I've been dreaming of those scones since, and I'm excited to make them again, perhaps with different fillings.

I also made Elmo cookies for my favorite little buddy up north and his family. I was very pleased with how they turned out.

I've updated the garden, and when I had finished planting the last plants I had, my neighbor stopped by and asked, "oh so you're going to try again?" I think I'm offended, but there were a lot of dead plants that I had cleaned out, so maybe he has a point.  The landlord just got around to telling me that there is a spigot I can use downstairs, so I've purchased a hose and I actually water my plants pretty regularly now.  So, yes, neighbor-man, I AM going to try again. :)

My home-made, formerly-yogurt-container, planters

My city is on fire.  I don't really remember this being a big issue in the past springs I've been here, but today people lost their homes.  Two of my coworkers were evacuated from their homes and are staying somewhere else for the night.  Another friend was evacuated from her work.  Just this week I read a book to the children I volunteer with about a family who lost their home in a fire and then had to save up money to buy a big comfy chair.  Their neighbors gave them spare pots and pans and a table and mattresses, but they had to save their coins to get something nice.  I know the kids read the book again today, and I wonder if they're thinking about the people who are in that situation right now.  I hope we can all come together, like in the book, and take care of our neighbors.  Keep San Diego in your thoughts.