Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pizza Review: Berkeley Pizza

This post is quite delayed, but we had a lovely pizza night a few weeks months ago at Sharon's house.  Berkeley Pizza was the choice of the night, and since they don't offer a lot of seating, we decided to eat in.

Sharon and Ben's place is spectacular.  It's a really cool space and they've done a fantastic job decorating it.  I wanted to move in the minute I saw it, but seeing as it's a studio, that might have been awkward. :)

So if you're spent much time in the Berkeley area, you probably know Zachary's pizza.  Berkeley pizza is pretty much the same.  Don't get me wrong- that is a wonderful, wonderful thing.  Both places make exceptional deep dish pizza, filled with delicious toppings (insidings?), on a solid crust.  I think it was Sharon who told me that the owner used to work at Zachary's, before he started his pizza place down here...hmm...

We got plain cheese, spinach, and sausage pizzas.  All were big hits, all though the cheese was not as exciting as the others.  It's so hard to compare deep dish pizza with the other places we've been too because it's almost like a different item altogether.  It's like comparing a good burrito with a good pasta dish- totally different categories!

But needless to say, Berkeley Pizza is well worth it!

Pizza this way...

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