Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mandy's graduation

I'm very late on writing this post, but my little sister graduated from college!  (By this point, she's also driven cross-country, gone through Teach for America's Induction, and started Institute where she's doing some pretty intense teacher training.  In fact, today was her first day teaching students!)  My parents and grandma came down from northern California and my cousins and aunt and I came up from San Diego to meet my sister in LA.

Dad, Mom, Granny, Cousin Collin, me, Cousin Tim, and Cousin Dana

We got to go to a reception for her department and meet some of her teachers.  Then we headed over to the graduation.  I can't believe she is so grown up!

Or not. :)

She definitely forgot her cap and gown in the car with us the night before graduation, so we had a little fun with her and texted her these photos one by one...

Our view wasn't bad at graduation (and the giant screens definitely helped) and it was a nice quick ceremony, which is always nice.

Afterward, we had cupcakes and champagne!  I somehow didn't get any pictures of it though... I think I was too busy being in other pictures.

It was a fun weekend and definitely brought back lots of memories of my own graduation.

My good friends Kat and Mary.

The fam, back in the day.

And now
So fun!  Now I'm just eagerly awaiting all the classroom stories Mandy is going to have.  Maybe she'll start a blog too?...


  1. 1. i'm really glad all of your blogger follower people will now know how pretty i am
    2. glad you had fun at graduation! so did i :)
    3. yes! I want to start a blog! how do i start one like this??

    1. 1. At least I didn't post the collage- it did cross my mind.
      2. good :)
      3. You have gmail, right? Go to the toolbar at the top and choose "More" and then "Blogger" from the drop down menu. That's what I use.