Friday, April 19, 2013

Some things

1. What is going on in Boston?!  Why are bad people hurting others when they don't even know them?  I'm sending my thoughts to Boston this week and I will remain hopeful that all the good out there will overcome the evil. 

2. It's weird to me that it's spring here and it's only early April.  I think it's still snowing in some places...

I see these pink flowers everywhere along the sides of the road

3. I'm going to San Francisco this week to get the first step of a tooth implant done.  This means I'm getting a screw drilled into my jaw bone.  Yeah, I'm getting screwed.

After the thumb incident and since I'm not being put under (seriously, right?!), I decided I needed something to keep me sane.  I imagine it will be hard for the dentist to do his job if I'm hysterically crying.  So I called and they sent me a prescription for anti-anxiety medicine.  I am SO excited.  I know that sounds bad.  I'm just excited to not be terrified and act like a fool.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

4. I've started going to Pure Barre, and I'm obsessed!  Have I mentioned it before?  It's fantastic- kind of a combination of ballet and pilates with good music in the background.  The teachers get us in these ridiculous positions ("Heels together, knees apart, grab the bar, squat down, lean back, now wrap your left leg behind your body") and then we do itty bitty movements ("Lower down an inch, and hold.  Now back an inch and up an inch and hold").  There is also a lot of hip thrusting (pelvic tilting, as we called it in synchro), which when I think about it too much, seems really dirty, but they call it "tucking" (like sucking your abs in and rounding your tail bone under) so it's a little more innocent.  My abs feel awesome and I definitely see tone in places I haven't before (like I have a butt now?!).  There have been days when my side butt has hurt so bad and I didn't even know it could.  I'm loving it!
5. I had some other thoughts I wanted to include here, but I just took the anti-axiety drugs and I'm feeling a little woozy.  Tomorrow I'm going to talk about one of my favorite places... the Exploratorium

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