Monday, April 29, 2013

Pizza Review: Project Pie

The story of this pizza review begins back in December, when my new friend Lauren asked to bring a couple of her good friends, Sharon and Ben, to the holiday party I was hosting.  I didn't mind because we had plenty of food and, after just moving to San Diego, I was low on the friend count.  It ended up being great, because it turns out that Sharon and Ben are awesome!  At some point during the party, Sharon and Dana and a few other people started discussing pizza in San Diego, and pretty quickly a list of pizza-to-be-tried was developed.

For a while, all of us girls were getting together every week to watch the bachelor, but then the season ended. My life felt a little emptier without Sean and a room full of crazy women on tv, but mostly, I missed getting together with my friends.  A few of us decided that, to fill the void, we needed to start going through our pizza list, and we had our first pizza night last week.  We headed over to Project Pie which just opened a few months ago in my neighborhood.  I had a heard a bunch of good things already, but to be honest, the fact that I could walk to the restaurant made it a winner in my book before I even went inside.

Project Pie is a custom pizza place where you can order from a handful of pizzas or make your own.  It's kind of like chipotle, where they slide your pizza along a counter and you can add whatever ingredients your heart stomach desires.

They start with the sauce- you can get tomato sauce or olive oil for a white pizza.

Then you can choose your meat, vegetables, and other fun stuff like pesto.  I got a white pizza with mozzarella and gorgonzola, bacon, artichoke hearts, garlic, and jalapenos.  So fun to make your own!

When you finish adding delicious ingredients to your pie, they pop it in the oven and call your name when it's ready.  They also offered sodas made with real cane sugar- so good!


It was a cool place, but pretty loud.  We were able to snag a big round table where we could fit all eight of us, but you could only really hear the people right next to you.  The walls had quotes all over them, which were fun to check out.  My favorite was:  "If someone breaks your heart, just punch them in the face.  Seriously.  Punch them in the face and go get some ice cream" - Frank Ocean.

Of course, the company was excellent... 

Courtney and Dana
Kat and Lauren
Sharon and me
I missed the last two people in our group (Allie and a new friend)!  Forgive me my bad picture-taking!

I couldn't help but order the nutella and banana pizza strips for us all to share.  So delicious!

Overall, I thought the whole experience was really fun.  The pizza was great and fairly cheap and it was nice knowing exactly what I was eating.  I thought the place was pretty loud, which made for a fun/laid back experience, but on the other hand, I like being able to hear what my friends are saying, so that was less awesome.  Did I mention I can walk there?!  Again, this is probably the best part of the restaurant in my opinion.  I will for sure be back- I saw people walking out with orders to go and I can definitely see that happening in my future...

Sharon thought the pizza was surprisingly delicious and very speedy.  I agree with her, though, that getting through the line was a little chaotic and confusing, but she gave Project Pie two thumbs up!

Dana was a huge fan and appreciated that the pizza was on the healthier side (minimal grease, lots of healthy toppings, thin crust, etc.) She thought the sauce and dough had the perfect amount of flavor and liked the variety of toppings, the quickness, and the price!

We've got our next pizza night on the calendar, so stay tuned for more reviews!

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  1. i'm in for the nutella pizza next time I'm down!