Wednesday, February 20, 2013

T-4 Til Half-Marathon

I think it's time for a running update!  Training has definitely not gone as originally planned, but I'm actually feeling very strong and confident.  Will the last 5 miles hurt?  Yes, most definitely, but I think I'll be able to run the whole thing.  I'll let you know next week. :)

A few weeks back, some friends and I added the Electric Run 5k to our training schedule.  The website describes the run as
"...a night-time 5k run/walk with brilliant lighting effects synched to electronic dance music! Join us for the year's most electric night race! Participants are encouraged to get their glow on by dressing up with neon attire and glow accessories"
It was a blast!  We definitely got our glow on!

When we got there, we saw lights everywhere, including disco balls!

We ran through light-up tunnels, underground, and through random buildings will loud music and huge glowing balloons.

My favorite was a pond with floating, glowing globes.  So pretty- it was all misty and peaceful (minus the loud electronic music...)

I'm bummed we weren't timed- I felt like I was booking it.  But there were tons of people there and the focus was definitely on fun and not running.  All the people made the glowing effect even more awesome.

Afterwards, besides the water and granola bars as usual, there was a giant dance party.

I, personally, feel like mushing together 1000s of people who just ran a 5k, and encouraging them to throw their hands up and dance is a really horrible (read: smelly) idea.  But that may just be me, because people were definitely having a blast. 

I did enjoy the time together with some good friends and the chance to do something totally unique (Who runs at night with glow-in-the-dark earring?! Oh yea, we do.)  And I'm looking forward to running again with a few of these friends this weekend (and eating brunch with some others).  I just found out today that there will be cookies served at the end of the race- yay for motivation!

Wish me luck!

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