Sunday, January 13, 2013

Holiday Party and Holiday Baskets

This post is very late in coming due to my lack of a camera cable over the holidays.  But I want to share anyway, so bear with me.

As I have mentioned, I do a lot of cooking in December.  I like having friends over to celebrate and I enjoy giving homemade goodies as gifts.  So I cook.  And I cook.  And I cook...

This year I was a little worried about throwing a holiday party because I don't know a lot of people down here yet.  I was happily surprised that everyone (except one person) was able to make it, so the turn out was great.  I think as I get older, it's become easier to steal friends from other friends.  I love going to a friend's event and meeting other cool people and then getting to hang out with them again at other things.  So this party was pretty awesome, because it was pretty much a group of my friends' friends who are now my friends too.  If that makes sense...

Eva, who was my roommate when we were teachers in New Orleans, came to visit and go to interviews for her medical residency the same week that I planned my party.  Her boyfriend Bill came too, and it was so nice to see Eva and meet Bill for the first time.

They helped me set up for the party...

oh and Mandy was there too... :P

I was pretty proud of the food table- we had a great spread!

Dana brought spinach artichoke dip and some fantastic potatoes...

and Vanessa brought an awesome baked brie.

We did a white elephant which was really fun. 

Bill tested out the finger sporks.

I ended up with a fish (and all the gifts that people didn't want, which was a bunch of them...) It was a little crazy trying to keep the cat away from the gifts (especially since there was a fish in one of them!)  Now she spends all her time watching the little guy.

I thought the party was a success!  It's so nice to be able to say that I have friends down here now!

With the remaining goodies I had and some additional ones I made the next week, I created some holiday baskets for my friends and family.  They were made up of caramels, toffee, chocolate ginger cookies, jam, and lots of love! hehe

I had a good time going to Michael's to find cute stuff to wrap the goodies in.  I think they turned out pretty well!

I'm all sugared out now!  Hope you're having a great January so far!

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