Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving and then some

I've been so neglectful!  There are so many things I want to write about, but only so much time in the day/week/holiday season and I haven't been feeling great.  I went to a great Friends-giving feast a few weekends ago and made my mom's fantastic dinner rolls.  (Recipe to come soon.)  I ran my first 10k and made it to the end without walking!  I spent a week at home with my family and friends and did yoga in Grace Cathedral in SF.  My good friend Tricia came and stayed with us for Thanksgiving.  And then there was Thanksgiving itself! So much good food and good company, and our own traditional Turkey Bowl in the morning!  But the sad part is, I had so much fun doing all these things that I forgot to take pictures.  Boo

So I'll try to keep things short and sweet and summarize with the few pictures I do have.


Yummy rolls

A new brussel sprout recipe from Daily Garnish.

Excellent company!

And a feast (complete with turkey made for the first time by Vanessa. So good-she's already a pro!)

The veggie and dessert table

The next day I drove home with my sister and the cat up to San Fran.  Mandy seriously meowed more times than the kitty. We let her (the kitty) get out to explore when we stopped for gas.  Does this look comfortable?

She seemed to like hanging out here.

The next day I worked out of the San Francisco office and went to yoga with Lauren and a couple of her girlfriends after work.  Doing yoga in Grace Cathedral is a really cool experience.  It's pretty amazing to do a pose that has you looking up at the beautiful arched ceiling or the stained glass.  On the other hand, the women who lead the yoga was a bit too much for my taste.  She kept saying things like, "Breathe into your heart fire" and "Fill up your heart chalice."  Lauren and I just giggled in the back.

Thanksgiving Day:

The Turkey Trot (my dad thought he was taking a photo...)

Lauren, Natalie (another friend), Tricia, and me.  My dad and Julie (Lauren's mom) also walked/ran the 10k.

The only picture of me running where I don't totally look like death.

The Turkey Bowl (or Breakfast Bowl, as Tricia renamed it)

*Insert picture of old family friends, a crisp fall morning at a park, and lots of breakfast treats here*

Thanksgiving Dinner

We had my family, two uncles, and my grandma, plus Lauren's whole family and Tricia!  It was a full house (20 people!)  When my mom got stressed with the cooking, Lauren and I just reminded her to breath into her heart fire.  It at least made her smile.  I was, again, super lame and forgot to take pictures, but we had Tricia take a few of my family

Everyone trying to direct the dogs at once... I'm sure they were super confused

So there you have it: Thanksgiving!  Food, family, friends, and... fitness? That's a new one for me, but I'm hoping to make it a tradition!

P.S.  I'll be giving away holiday treats soon.  Stay posted to win!

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  1. I REALLY want to win! I will be thinking all night about my worst gift!