Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Planning

It's getting to be that time.  The days are shorter, the holiday lights are up, and the snow is falling...  Just kidding- it's been 70 degrees here this week.  Doesn't feel much like the holiday season to be honest.  I've been wearing sweaters to try to feel warm and cozy, but also flip flops, so it's kind of silly (and I end up rolling up my sleeves for most of the day).

Anyway, this is my baking season.  In the past few years, I've thrown some mean holiday parties.  And I've started giving friends and family holiday baskets of delicious baked goods.  So I spend a good amount of time in the kitchen during this part of the year.

Last year's spread in San Francisco...

Fresh baked bread, chocolate ginger cookies, cupcakes...
And gingerbread men!

I was actually super disappointed by the inappropriate use of frosting last year, but I think this year's group will be more up for the cookie decorating challenge.  :)

Here's what I'm planning to make (with recipes coming to you soon!):

Martha Stewarts' Chewy Chocolate-Gingerbread cookies
Gingerbread men to decorate (Can you tell I love ginger?)
Candy cane cookies
Chai Pumpkin Spice Thumbprints
Seasonal bread of some sort
Perhaps some jam-filled cookies, with the jam I made this summer...
Likely these Cranberry Crumble Bars which I made this week.  So good.
And anything else I discover before then!

And with that in mind, let's get to the first Hungry Hydrologist giveaway! To win a Lindsey Original Holiday Basket, comment below about the worst holiday present you've ever received.  You have until Sunday night to comment and then I will choose a winner randomly (unless there is an obvious worst-present-ever winner).  Good luck!


  1. My great aunt marion gave my sister (you) and i smackers chapsticks or shampoos until we were both like at least 15...then one year she gave our whole family one present (exciting right?) i think i got to open it because i'm the youngest...she gave my entire family one box of nature valley granola bars...thanks aunt Marion! haha

    1. You forgot the year she gave us toothbrushes with each other's names on them!

  2. Mandy- were they the peanut butter or honey and oats kind? Because if not, then it's a very serious fail. Here's mine: When I was younger my parents (Santa) used to make sure that my sister and I had an even number of gifts because we would take turns opening and it sucks to just sit there if the other person has way more. Anyways, I had gotten something pretty expensive and my parents added filler presents by wrapping pairs white socks. I guess my sister must have gotten a whole bunch of really inexpensive gifts because I opened like 8 pair. I still remember the packaging. They were from Kmart and had Cathy Ireland on the front.

    1. they definitely weren't the honey and oats kinda cause i really like those...but i don't remember

  3. A pair of ugly jeans that were hand-me downs. My mom had added a strip of fabric to make them flared and sewed on a guess patch to the obviously cheap pair of jeans. Hey, she raised 10 kids, got to hand it to her!

  4. 1. Armadillo wine holder.
    2. Membership to an "adult" website.
    3. A radioactive rock.

    You can go ahead and send me the cookies now :)

    1. I know who the first one was from- are the other two from the same person? :)

  5. This is great! I've been wanting to comment on your blog for a while, but never think of something good to say, other than "I enjoy reading your blog (especially since it has hydrologist in the title) and enjoyed catching up at the CEE dept reception at commencement after so many years".

    My grandmother once gave me a a little toy house with three or four blocks of different shapes and colors. There were holes in the roof and you had to match the blocks with the holes. It was a very educational toy for a toddler. Unfortunately, I was in the second grade.

  6. A stuffed duck, as a gift in highschool. Received this duck (with 75% clearence sticker still on) two days after christmas. ;) Background : my favorite animals are seals and pigs.

  7. my first wife asked me for a seperation. It worked out pretty well (got a great family) but as a christmas present it was a bit sucky. :)

  8. It is a toss up between husband #1 and husband #2. #1 gave me a dress two sizes too small knowing that I would return it for an account credit. That way he could give a present and not have to pay for it. #2 gave me a snuggle blanket in the ugliest color ever off the clearance table with the tag still on it. Toy poodle loves it!