Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Color Run

So this post is a little late, but a few weeks ago, some coworkers and I did the Color Run in San Diego.  It was a 5k run and I figured it would be good "training".  I signed up for a 10k on Thanksgiving (which went well- but more on that later), and a half-marathon in February (ahh!). So I figured a 5k was the first step.

I think I got a little more excited about my outfit than the actual training,

and I wasn't able to run the whole way, which was disappointing.  (My goal for racing is just to run).  I was battling shin splints (but I got new shoes, so things are SO much better now), and it was just a tough run with breathing in colored cornstarch and dodging all the walkers.

The color run is the "happiest 5k in the world" and involves lots of volunteers throwing colors (colored cornstarch) at you as you run past the different stations.  People start out in mostly white, and end up colored at the end.  There were about a bazillion people there...

 It took forever just to make it to the starting line.

But it was cool- we hung out, threw some paint.

And then we ran through the colors!

 At the end, they got everyone to throw color at the same time to make these huge color clouds.

By the end we were kind of brown- not nearly as pretty as I thought we'd end up.  Guess that's what happens with cornstarch colors...



To continue the fun, we went out to brunch and drank bottomless mimosas and ate tater tots.  Good way to rehydrate and fuel up, I'm sure. ;)

While I was bummed to not run the whole thing, it was still super fun and it felt good to get out and do something with new friends! 

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