Thursday, November 1, 2012

Return of the Hot Dog

Happy Halloween!  My mom sent me a fantastic care package on a really stressful day at work mid-month (more on work in a post coming soon), and it included this jack-o-lantern dish towel!

The others are also from her on past years.  She also sent cookies and a recipe and a little bag of spices to make it easier to make them.  Best. Mom. Ever.

I got some pumpkins to get in the spirit...

And ate some pumpkin oatmeal...

And made candy corn popcorn for work!

But the day was really about the return of the hot dog.  Let's travel back in time to the beginning of the hot dog, shall we?

October 2007. Teacher hot dog.  I was teaching high school in New Orleans and wanted to just buy a quick costume online.  But all women's costumes are skanky and I was teaching high school.  So I chose a hot dog.  Seemed tame enough.  Little did I know the kids would yell "show me your WEINER" everytime I walked down the hall.  I guess it was a commercial or something.  I don't know- I wasn't sleeping much those days. 

This is the only photo I can find of the hot dog- not great.  I know there is a video of a dancing hot dog out there somewhere, but I have not been able to get my hands on it.  Anyone seen me online? I'm sure it ended up there eventually...

Let's go forward a few years to October 2010.  I had just started my job.  This is the professional hot dog year.

 Even hot dogs need coffee.

Hot dog, hard at work.

The commute home on public transit.


In 2011, the hot dog got a lot taller when a quick costume was needed for a friend.

And it danced, armlessly, next to a hot dog stand in San Francisco.

But in 2012, the hot dog was joined by a baby, feline hot dog.

I recognize that some may say I am officially a crazy cat lady now.  But those people are wrong. If it is hilarious, it is acceptable to dress your cat up.  And it is.  I giggled in Petco for a very long time before I bought the costume. Oh, and I won the company costume contest due to the cat.  Cat costume = totally justified.

 Happy Halloween!

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