Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Phoenix with Friends!

A few weekends ago, (many weekends ago now...) I went to Phoenix to visit Mary and Kat, two of my undergrad friends!  Mary and Kat and I were all in Course 1 (Environmental and Civil Engineering) at MIT and we did our senior project together.  I hadn't seen Kat since I moved to southern California (we had fun wine tasting in Napa together back in May)...

and I hadn't seen Mary in two or three years!  It was so good to be able to catch up and hang out with them!!

Kat and I flew in on Friday afternoon and Mary and Mike picked us up from the airport.  We had a fantastic Italian dinner where I had the gorgonzola salad followed by gorgonzola gnocci- cheesy! I don't know why I didn't take a picture of it all!

Saturday we woke up and ate some delicious cheese that Kat brought from Wisconsin.  (I see a theme to our food...cheese!)  We watched some TV and lounged around.  Then we went out to Mexican.  (Mary took us to all her favorite places in Phoenix-we ate a lot!) We of course got margaritas...

Which were ginormous!

As were the dishes that came out.

So fun!

Around 4pm, I checked my fitbit and found I had only walked 800 steps (daily goal is 10,000).  We were all kind of horrified, so we decided to go on the hike we had planned (instead of canceling to watch more TV).  It was beautiful and well worth it!

We only had time to go part way up, but it was a good trek.

Such different scenery than what I'm used to!

I asked Mary which direction Phoenix was, and she pointed to this (doh):

We got to watch the sunset...

So pretty!

When we got back we decided to just order a pizza.  None of us wanted too much to eat, so it was hilarious when this showed up:

Biggest. Pizza. Ever.

The next day we went to a cute brunch place where we all split this ginormous cinnamon roll:

Note the salt and pepper shakers for scale.  Meanwhile, Mary and Kat were drinking these ridiculously small coffee things- espresso?  I don't know about this coffee stuff, but I thought the small mugs were funny (especially after the cinnamon roll showed up!)

I, obviously, got a peppermint hot chocolate with the "heartwarming" option.  I like a breakfast place that calls their hot chocolate "heartwarming" when they add booze to it.  Nice touch.

We had about an hour to kill before Kat and I had to go to the airport, so we walked around a new mall.  We found a candy store and these giants boxes of nerds.  I just think this picture is so appropriate for us. :)

Nerds with nerds, get it?!

It was a great weekend- so nice to relax and catch up with such good friends. It's always nice to have people in your life who you can go without seeing for a few years and yet when you're together it still feels so easy and natural.  :)

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