Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Storing it up

Two weeks ago I got to go back to the SF Bay Area!  The kitten and I packed our bags...

...then hopped on a plane Wednesday night.  When I got outside, I was overjoyed.  Cool weather, how I have missed you.  I decided I would store it up and it would get me through the rest of the hot times in Southern California.

We stayed with my parents, and it was really nice to see them and spend time with them.  The kitten enjoyed playing with her little brother Luke, but was still wary of Gus the golden retriever.

She boxed with Luke for a while.

Then wrestled with him.

And attacked him some more.

Although she looks sort of evil, she was playing nice and not using her claws (for the most part).

We came up for a big meeting Thursday at work on a project I've been working on pretty much my whole time with the company.  I finally got to meet the client and the subcontractors that I've been working with for two years, so it was really exciting.  And when you get so many smart and interesting people in a room together, the conversation is fascinating.

That night I had drinks with two of my childhood friends and it was so nice.  We went to my favorite pub with outside seating and I enjoyed a cool hefeweizen with my veggie burger.

The next night I got to go over to my best friend's family's house and hang with my second family.  My little "nephew" was there, and it was so fun to see how much he's grown since I've moved.  Before I left, his newest baby trick was holding his head up (and doing a great impression of a bobble head). :)  Now, he can crawl!  And he grabs and holds things and definitely recognizes his mom, Amy.  It was pretty incredible.  I really miss spending more regular time with these people!

Saturday morning we drove up north for my cousin's 50th birthday party.

My dad with the birthday girl, Lani
We stayed with my San Diego cousins and aunt in a cabin at the site of the party.  It was really nice to see the northern cousins again and to spend time with everyone.

Sunday afternoon we drove back to the bay area and had a quick lunch-dinner with my granny.  It was so good to see her, and even though the time was short, it made me really happy.
I decided to store up all the friend and family time (along with the cool weather) to get me through the next month or so on my own.  And then it will be time for another visit!

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