Friday, September 14, 2012


It was super nice being ITF this week.  Better than sitting in the office on the computer!

To keep us going, and because Damien likes to sometimes work through lunch, I made Emily's Coconut Date Energy Bites.  They were fantastic- I had two each day to hold me over between breakfast and our later lunches.

So besides seeing a lot of birds and a round ray, we also saw a bazillion little crab guys.  Some were also pretty aggressive, which is funny since we're so much bigger.  Damien said one attacked his boot which made us laugh.  This movie shows one getting ready to box with me.

I really liked how the big guys would hide out under the larger pickleweed clumps.  When I'd walk by, I would hear a bunch of splashes like kids jumping into a pool, as the crabs would dive for cover.

I was also impressed by how they'd just go scuttling into the deeper parts of the water when I'd walk by.  I wasn't sure how they breath, but google tells me they have gills like fish and that as long as they stay moist on land, they can still breath there too.  Pretty crazy.

There were tons of little snails that made the coolest patterns in the mud.  Mud art!

At the end of one day, we saw this hawk (who's name I can't think of- any suggestions?) hanging out near a nesting area (where we don't want him! They'll eat the babies of the birds that nest there.)  He was also pretty aggressive and at one point, I thought he was going to fly in the car window at us.  He dove at us a few times, making it very clear he thought this was his territory.  But so beautiful!

We also saw the prettiest slug ever!  I was watching Damien survey the last contour we had...

...when he insisted I put on my boots and come out to see something.

I was super annoyed (the boots are hot, hard to put on, and muddy), but he insisted I'd want a picture of this.  He had found a brightly colored slug!

We named it the Slugus Damienus.

We had some pretty long days, but it's always so nice to get outside!  And as always, when I'd go home at the end of the day and had to charge batteries and download data, the kitten was there to help.


  1. might be a Peregrine Falcon. they are indiginus to San Diego although there are several hawks also.