Monday, September 3, 2012


At work, when someone is going to be out of the office for fieldwork, they often put ITF on their calendar for In the Field.  I was ITF all this week and it was pretty awesome.

Since my coworker Damien was flying down from San Francisco, I was in charge of getting a lot of the equipment together. 

The kitten assisted.

In SF, we have a van where we keep a lot of the basics like PVC or duck tape (and toilet paper, which I consider to be essential, but the guys don't always think of).  But since we weren't bringing the van down, I had to pick up some of those basics myself.  I went shopping at Home Depot to get the PVC, duck tape, nuts and bolts, batteries, walkie talkies, etc.  I was wearing a sundress by accident, but it definitely got me a lot of help- every aisle I went down there was someone asking me if I needed help- and I did!  Check out the sweet duck tape I wanted to get, but didn't, for fear of being too girly.

I also had to go to a fly-fishing store which I thought was really funny (I always think of Harlan Pepper in Best in Show when I hear fly-fishing). But the guys that helped me there were so nice.  I had to buy chest waders and they helped me find a great pair.  I told Damien if we ever need new waders I'd go back- one of the guys was really cute!

Damien makes fun of me for this, but I insist on taking pictures every time I get new gear because it will never ever be that clean again! 

After a relatively clean day...

We surveyed using RTK (real time kinematic) rovers.  They use GPS to record our position and elevation.  

The client had installed some tide staffs (giant rulers used to read the water level at any given time) and we surveyed those in.  Now when they read the tide staffs, they can tell the elevation relative to a specific datum and not just relative to their ruler.  That means they can compare the water elevations in the site to water elevations in the ocean or at other sites.

When we were out surveying, Damien said he saw at least a hundred round sting rays!  How cool is that?  I really love being in the field.  It's nice to not stare at my cubicle wall and be able to look at views like this all day.

 Back in the office next week, but ITF after that!

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