Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fluids for breakfast

A few years ago I had a blog called "A Fan of Fluids" where I wrote about my adventures teaching high school math and physics in Louisiana.  The title didn't really go with what I wrote about other than it was about me, and I'm a fan of fluids (remember, hydrologist here?)  When I decided to start blogging again, I decided the name had some connotations I didn't really want. :)

Regardless, I am a fan of fluids and my breakfast today is all in my favorite form. (Do you want me to calculate the velocity of my smoothie as it descends into my stomach? I'll do it...)

I started off this beautiful Saturday morning with some tea.  I used to have an electric tea kettle, but it started to get pretty funky and I think this red one is just so cute (and there's something so romantic and old fashioned about heating water on the stove).  Also, it totally whistles when it's done!  It makes me SO happy!

It matches my dish towels!

I love tea- at work I drink tea all day long.  Today, I'm drinking an orange, passion fruit, and jasmine flavored green tea that I like. (And I always compost my tea bag when I'm done!)

I've got my big ol' mug that I just adore- it's like two cups in one!  When I was teaching, I used to make my tea, throw it in this mug, and drive (forever) to get to school with it as my only company.

What else did I have for breakfast this morning?  Well I've been experimenting with trying to get 7 servings of fruits and vegetables into my diet everyday.  So when I read about putting leafy greens in a smoothie, I thought, I've got to try that! (after initially thinking, eww, gross).  But good news- it's not gross at all.  Quite delicious in fact.

I start out with a banana that may or may not be past its prime- the gross, old-banana texture will go away when it's all blended up!

Then I add some greens.  Today was laciento kale, but earlier in the week I used spinach.

I added a heaping half cup of Trader Joe's frozen cherry berry mix and a couple of tablespoons of non-fat greek yogurt for protein.

To make it blend nicely, I filled the blender to about 3/4 cup with almond milk.  Earlier in the week, I added ice to make it cooler, but since the kale, berries, greek yogurt, and almond milk all came out of the refrigerator or freezer, it's pretty cold without it.

When you first start blending it, the banana, kale, and almond milk mix first and it's green on the bottom!  Then as the berries come into play, it turns purple.  So fun.

It makes a big cupful, so now I've got my big mug of tea and my big MIT cup of smoothie.  Go Tech!


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