Sunday, July 15, 2012

Big Goals

I was an athlete growing up and spent countless hours in the pool as a swimmer, synchronized swimmer, and water polo player.  Because I was so active, it was really easy to fall into bad eating habits and still look in shape and healthy.

But when I finally quit synchro and then headed off to college two years later, I gained weight and struggled to create new eating habits (still struggling).  I love fruit snacks and queso dip.  Until the last few years, vegetables were a thing to be avoided like the plague.  And if it's a carb like pasta or sourdough bread, I can eat it in obscene quantities.

In terms of dieting, I've "tried" everything.  In college, I decided that if I limited my sweets and treats to Sundays only, I'd have to lose weight.  Monday through Saturday I bought every bad thing I would normally eat and put it under my bed.  I remember a cadbury egg, a box of girl scout samoa cookies (mmm), and some other stuff.  When Sunday rolled around, I ate the entire box of girl scout cookies, and threw up two hours later.  That was the end of that diet.

Every time I've tried something crazy, something in the back of mind tells me that it's got to be simpler than this.  I've always had the feeling that if I could just focus on eating things that were good for my body, I'd get to where I want to be.  Slowly over the years, my eating habits have gotten better.  Now I love bell peppers (especially heirloom bell peppers from my local farmers' market- so pretty!)

I think squash is pretty fantastic.  I can even tolerate mushrooms.  And I've gotten better at trying new things because I really like cooking.  But I still like fruit snacks and when donuts show up at work, I have a hard time resisting.  Now I know an occasional donut is okay, but with all the other occasional things I eat, it's really not.

So I ask myself this: why is this time going to be different?  Well, I think there are a few reasons.  I'm in a new place where the weather is great so the people are active.  I don't have a lot of friends here, so at least for a little while I won't have too many eating and drinking out opportunities.  Also, my dad recently had a health scare which I think was a major wake-up call for our family- we've just got to eat better to make sure we can live long, happy, adventurous lives!

My dad, sister (not pictured), and I went sky diving last year.
Lastly, I'm writing a blog about this, and while I'm pretty sure no one reads it (yet?), it makes me feel accountable.  I also think blogging will be a good way to keep track of how I'm feeling and the progress I'm making.   

So I start with a simple goal: for one week, starting today, I will make sure I get four servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit every day.  My sister once said, "I've gone to the gym every day since I joined yesterday," and I'll follow her lead and tell you I've achieved my goal every day since I made this goal today. :)  Here we go- who's with me?

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